Farm Records

Farm Record Management. Bringing science to the data.

There are a lot of organisations that provide agricultural software, support services and decision support tools but they don't share data with each other. Farm Records allows this by providing a collaboration platform. Come and take a look at why Farm Records is also an innovation platform.

Farm Records is still under development. While we work to complete all of our features, please feel free to have a look around and provide feedback.
Step 1
Browse to this website on your device and click the play store link below to install.

Step 2
Update the system

Click on the main menu (shown above) and then click UPDATE.
Step 3
Register with your email address, confirm your email, and then you are up and running.
Scroll to the left and right to see more packages. More packages being added regularly. Suitable for phone and tablet.
Free to download, free to use. Some packages may require payment to use, however, at this time, all packages are free.
Step 4
You can also log into the website to manage your account.

*NEW* FARM RECORDS now runs in the browser and on mobile (IOS,ANDROID). Share your data across packages and with other users. All packages(data) can be kept up-to-date without having to open each package. Notifications and alerts, and consolidated reporting across multiple packages is now possible using up-to-date data. Packages now have "widgets", which allow other packages to display data and provide additional functionality to the host package.

Farm Records can be used in any agricultural industry. Farm Records is FREE to use, although "package" providers have the ability to charge for installation and/or usage of their "package", or may require registration and payment on their site.

*NEW* Strategic partnerships
A unique distribution model for agricultural science. FarmBuild is delivered by Agriculture Victoria, a division of the Victorian Government's Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR).


• To provide a unique agricultural platform using a combination of on-farm, mobile and cloud applications.
• To make it easy to find and use all the fantastic science and decision support tools provided by many stakeholders.
• To provide the opportunity for anyone to contribute, share, collaborate and innovate using tools, software and services not normally available to them.
• To work with other agricultural software providers and platforms, to enhance their value.
• To provide a full "Paddock to Plate" solution using "packages" (applications) from many stakeholders

• Collaborate with all stakeholders
• Promote stakeholders using their brand
• Deliver true innovation and value
• Work as a team and meet deadlines
• Be honest and act with integrity

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